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Beware of Gangs in Your Neighborhood

Know Your Rights

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Our warmth & compassion go to the families of those hurt.

Our desires for understanding & justice go to those who executed the villainy.

Our eyes cannot help but remain pried open with shock & awe, with sheer bloody terror as we watch a seemingly invincible military force sweep the city streets of Boston like lead-spitting venomous beetles. Men that SWORE TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION illustrate the frailty of their oath as they enter civilians' homes in body armor for which any knight would have paid a king's ransom.

> Criminal activity on one person's behalf does not warrant the suspension of civil rights on mine <

I am not afraid of the bombs -- I am afraid of our government's violent foreign policy ("clear, hold, build") that has induced violence at home. I despise the inescapable media onslaught that has conditioned our culture to fear & hate unfamiliar cultures from exotic places. I am afraid of our government's war machine & clear disregard of civil rights for which good men have died time & again.

Fuck your so-called "State of Emergency" -- I would not have opened the door when the treasonous militants knocked because we have a Fourth Amendment Right protecting us from unwarranted searches like those happening in Boston. The way to keep your rights is to exercise them & fight for them, otherwise they will be taken away. Do not blame the tyrant -- blame those that enact the tyranny unto the people.

A terrorist is someone that instills fear in your mind. Question authority. Do not succumb to the fear; do not rescind your rights for "protection". Perhaps under law, YOU are the suspect now, but regardless of that law, you have a human right to RESIST.

We hope that the suspect in custody is the party responsible & this will all wrap up, but now the precedent is set. Beware the Thought Police -- it's 1984.

-- QuadkilleR ☮

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Endless War & Excessive Wealth: Brothers in Tyranny